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Are you feeling left out in the

​'High Tech PC World' ​we now live in?

Many of us older folks were not properly trained on how to use computers and had to settle on picking it up on our own. We get frustra​ted because younger people do not​ have
the pati​ence to teach us! Wishing there were some simple
way of learning this new technical data so we can keep
our minds focused on staying in touch with our distant relatives and friends.

Well someone decided we were worth the effort and 
created an ideal training tool that can be used as a desk reference for basic computer skills.

PC 411​
Available in Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Word 2010,
 Excel 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Outlook 2010

PC411 pic.JPG 

 You will learn how to:

higlight text for formatting

different ways to cut, copy and paste

use keystrokes for commands

make page br​​eaks

​​use templates for documents and forms

how to use Excel the easy way

how to use PowerPoint effectively

and much, much more

These 6" x 4" indestructible, laminated reference cards
 provide instructions that include tips, shortcuts and
guides in a clear, comfortable to use format that is perfect
 for older people like me! In an effortless flip over stand, tabbed for easy reference and large lettering, 
PC 411 Reference Cards are easy to read with concise
 and helpful information.

PC 411 w pc.jpg

​Only $22 including tax (s/h extra)
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